Saturday, January 9, 2010

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Happy New Year from the Golden Moor!
In celebration of a brand new year and brand new decade, this week I thought on how we can make small steps to make big changes. What can we do right here, right now to begin making the incremental improvements that add up to positive lifestyle transformations?
Here are my 10 top healthy things to do in 2010.

1. New Year: exercise. Take up walking, walk your dog more often, go skiing, hiking and especially take walks in the forest. Reconnect with Mother Nature. Lie down on the ground and give blessing to your ‘Being”. Just be present in the moment.

2. Eat better: skip the diets, they don’t work and promise nothing. Stop counting carbs and calories. Start eating whole foods. Whole foods are characterized by being as close to their natural, original states as possible. Eat real food, raw foods. Think about where it came from, know how it got to your plate. Savor each bite. Eating consciously will change your body and your life.

3. More Reality, less reality TV: I don’t want to be your ‘downer” but too much reality TV over stimulates your brain, saps your creativity and especially steals one on one relationships with ‘real” people that matter in your life. Watch shows that inspires, have a one on one discussion on subjects that matter to increase your awareness to the collective consciousness.

4. Give: Most of us have to much things, trinkets my father use to say. Get rid of what you don’t need. It creates new space physically and the universe will provide what you really need.

5. Forgive: I made mistakes. Real people make mistakes, big ones, hurtful ones, unforgivable ones. Forgive them!!!!. Did you know that it is critical to your health. The anger you feel towards others affect your body’s energy fields and pollutes your thoughts. Your thoughts become ‘form” resulting in sickness.

6. Get acquainted: this year make the resolution of being a better person. Take action. Taking action creates positive energy and attracts positive things in your life. If you always wanted to volunteer, stop thinking about it and do it. Get involved in your community, help others in need, find a cause you believe in.

7. Skip town: Take a mental vacation. I don’t mean taking two weeks off on the beach somewhere in the sun. That is ok but always allow mental down time from work. Your brain needs to do ‘nothing” once in while. Take time to actually live. Do no-thing!!

8. Goals: Write them down. What are your goals. If you write them down chances are they will become reality. Remember by taking action you change your thought-form and create your reality.

9. Read: Read a book once a month. Choose a book that nourishes your brain and soul. Read inspirational books, success stories, they help motivate your goals.

10. Meditate: It really helps, it never hurts. It costs nothing. It inspires everything.

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